Radio Waves

Radio Waves

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*  Cost will vary according to size specifications of your wall

*  From $ 80 per sq.metre

*  Funky removable wallpaper which is made to your exact wall dimensions,

*  Premium canvas texture finish hides any small marks/imperfections on your wall

*  Will adhere to smooth, dry surfaces

Does not adhere to any porous surfaces such as rendered wall, concrete or brick, teflon or wash and wear paints

*  You can reposition a mural mithout damaging the stock or underlaying surface

**  Please message with your wall specifications

**  NO RETURNS, so please choose design carefully and measure correctly.

*  Remove any picture hooks, clean/dust area well

*  Start from left with panel 1 and apply sequentially as per numbered panel

*  Lay panel 1 flat on floor and peel back to dotted line, crease to allow backing sheet to lay flat

*  Line up to top edge of ceiling/cornice and smooth onto wall with hands, do not peel off entire backing paper

*  Slowly and evenly peel the backing sheet while smoothing out with your hands. Work your way down and outwards to remove any bubbles

*  Smooth out bubbles and wrinkles without too much pressure, if they don't come out, slowly lift the effected area and reapply.

*  Additional panels are to be applied as per panel 1 but with a 10mm overlap. There are indicator marks to the top and bottom of all panels which are to be used as a starting point for applying the next panel(s)

*  When all panels have been adhered, use a sharp knife/blade to remove any excess wallpaper

*  For trimming around switches, firmly smooth wallpaper and crease around the switch, make a slight criss cross incision in the centre of the switch, and carefully extend to the inside edge to the switch. Carefully trim additional wallpaper around switch.